Welcome to Hope Academy

Finally, an AFFORDABLE sober living college program

Are you new to recovery? Or maybe you are the parent of someone who is refocusing his/her life on working a program of recovery and sobriety.  Going back to college or starting college can be an exciting and rewarding part of one’s recovery. Perhaps you attempted college in the past and did not finish, maybe you initiated the process and then never attended class, or you simply felt you were not worthy of even applying for enrollment. While addiction can be a major catalyst in one’s unsuccessful attempts at school, the reality is that most individuals truly do not know how to be great students.


Our Hope Academy students will learn…

  • About financial aid
  • How to properly read chapters in a textbook for optimal recall
  • How to effectively take notes
  • How to study for tests and final examinations
  • How to take the actual test
  • Time management skills

Welcome to Hope Academy!

We are excited to help you build your foundation of sobriety and to assist you through the wonderful adventure of higher education. Hope Academy is a unique program, and is designed to transition clients from their addiction infused existence to one of a successful college student. We understand that each of our clients are anxious to get back into the “real world”; but it is imperative that the client be properly guided to a position of responsible independence while keeping their main focus on recovery. The longer a client remains in a treatment environment, the greater the chance of long term sobriety. We are here to walk our clients through each phase of the college experience and establish his/her independence once again.  Helping young adults become proficient students is a major focus of our program.


What Hope Academy students can expect… 

It’s true, stress is part of reality. Clients will undoubtedly encounter stress with classes; but, for the first time, they will deal with these stresses with a sober mind. Hope Academy clients will be surrounded by recovery, including:



Outside of classes, in addition to the interpersonal skills our clients learn through their daily groups and counseling, our staff will teach life skills that our clients will hone to reduce additional stress or negative feelings, and help them focus on their sobriety, continued recovery, and their educational goals. Some examples include:


  • How to budget current and future expenses
  • Understanding your true income with regards to taxes
  • How to properly save money
  • How to prepare for new car purchase, rent, mortgage
  • Understand credit cards
  • Learn about credit scores, credit reports, and the significance of these in life
  • How to write a resume and cover letter


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Hope Academy welcomes you to a new life of sobriety and success. If you are reading this, the journey has already begun! Every goal is attained one step at a time, and your goal is now one step closer.
There is work involved, but we are here to support and guide you to the end. We look forward to seeing you on stage at your graduation ceremony!


Read about our sobriety college guidelines.